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About this HyperbookAbout this hyperbook
AIAI is strong AI
DisclaimerSo I don't have to keep saying it
Energy-Flow Model   Energy-flow model of the brain
FlowWhat is flow?
GoalsGoals and purposes embody flow
IntentionalityIntentionality is flow
Key ConceptsKey concepts
LifeA system that evolves by natural selection
"Locomotive"Dialog on the Non-Duality of Matter/Energy
MeaningMeaning is flow
NaturalThree distinct meanings of "natural"
Neural ConstructA set of neurons connected together
PhenomenologyHow does the outside world impinge on our brains?
PhilosophyBasic requirements for a good philosophy
ProblemsProblems people struggle with in AI and philosophy of mind
ReligionThe essence of religion is unquestioning obedience to authority.
Representation / MemoryWe know things in terms of their inputs and outputs.
Root GoalThe top of our hierarchy of goals is species survival.
Root Goal - GoalsGood and bad only exist in relation to goals.
Root Goal - DefinitionDefining the root goal
SymbolSymbols have an essential component of flow
Top PageStart here.
Why Not?Why we haven't created strong AI yet
WordsOn the definition of words