About this AI Hyperbook

Maybe a hyperbook is the perfect format for outlining a systematic philosophy. So far this document has 47 separate pages.
Fire escape in Omotesando, June 2013

Fire escape in Omotesando, June 2013 (Enlarge)

A hyperbook is just like a website, except perhaps that it has more overall unity and organization, so we want to think of it as a kind of book, even though it's digital. The pages are hyperlinked, which means there's no particular order in which to read.

Advantages of a Hyperbook:
  1. It can be concise
    Much philosophy is too verbose, and much of the verbiage consists of defining concepts. It's boring for a reader who already understands the concepts! In a hyperbook, you can remove the definitions from the main text and place them in their own separate pages that are linked from the main text. That way, the full discussion is still available, but the main text can be much shorter.

  2. You can link directly to key points
    In my regular blog updates, I often link to pages within the AI Hyperbook, and this means I don't have to keep explaining things repeatedly in my blog entries.

  3. It enforces consistency in my thinking!
    If I continually link to my systematic thoughts in this hyperbook, it means I must continually reconsider those ideas in different contexts. This means I might find a hole in my thinking or some inconsistency. In that case, I'll have to edit the AI Hyperbook. And that's a good thing because I will be coming closer to knowing the truth.