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Rules of Thumb for Discussions
  1. Be sincere in your search for truth. Don’t be in a rush to make clever-sounding arguments, but you must always stop and think carefully whether that argument is really valid and applicable. Is that the best argument you could make? Don’t shower people with many arguments, but just use your one best argument.
  2. You don’t want to trick someone into agreeing with you, but you want to show them the truth that leads them to your true knowledge.
  3. Define your terms carefully, and then check whether the person you’re talking to understands. Then ask whether that person agrees with your definitions. If not, ask them for their definition. So much of philosophy is just confusion over word definitions!
  4. Always check what the other guy believes before you start arguing. It’s no use making a passionate argument in favor of something he already agrees with. Never try to tell the other guy what he believes. Always ask.