Imminent Battle Droids Are Still Not AI

Jul 29, 2015

Wow, there was a huge International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Buenos Aires, and on that occasion some thousand or so AI experts signed an open letter opposing autonomous weapons like battle droids. All the big names are in on it, including Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking. So now everyone's all scared about AI again!

Someone would have to be a real party pooper to point out the problem, but here goes. I can't resist saying it again: That's not AI! That's just slick software programming. It isn't qualitatively different from your old PC or your current smartphone.

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Lawrence Krauss Won’t Worry, but Most People Should – a Little

May 27, 2015

Lawrence Krauss wrote a brief thing about AI for this year's Edge question that was reposted on the IEET site, and it's breezy as you might expect from someone who is derided for his lack of philosophical subtlety. He says, "What, me worry?"

Personally, I'm not worried about the stereotypical AI apocalypse, but there's another AI threat that is more mundane and realistic, more gradual and starting to happen already. It's our growing dependence on software and the growing power of large corporations to control us through our helper machines.

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Quick Paradox: You Can’t be Grateful to Be Alive

May 8, 2015

How about another philosophical puzzle? Last time I claimed that zombies can't want to stop being zombies. Today's proposition is that you can't be grateful to your parents for giving birth to you. Also, God-believers can't really thank God for creating them. Such a sense of gratitude just doesn't make logical sense.

See, in order to feel gratitude, you must exist in a particular state, and then you must benefit from someone's help in moving to a better state. Thus, you see improvement, and that's where the feeling of gratitude comes from. Again, you must see improvement, and then you feel gratitude to the person who caused your improvement. But this model breaks down when we talk about being created.

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Paradoxical Zombie Pirates of the Caribbean

Apr 13, 2015

Much as I love the Pirates of the Caribbean (the first movie), its plot is based on a self-contradiction. See, the pirates are zombies who can't feel anything, yet they are relentlessly driven to find the last piece of Aztec gold to lift their curse. It's a contradiction because they "feel" a great need to overcome their lack of feeling. They desperately want to start wanting again.

At one point, Elizabeth is about to drop her gold medallion over the side of the ship, and she lets it slip a bit, and the pirates all moan in protest. They clearly feel great distress at the thought of that precious medallion being lost beneath the waves. So here's the question: Why do they feel such distress about the medallion when they cannot feel any distress at being stabbed by a knife? Or also: Why would they feel pleasure on acquiring the medallion when they cannot feel pleasure from biting into an apple?

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Chinese Room Step 4: Wanting to Pursue Your Goal

Apr 1, 2015

What good is it to have causal powers in the real world if you don't want to do anything? Yes, that's the missing element in John Searle's Chinese Room thought experiment. Even though the Chinese Room can produce grammatically perfect Chinese responses that make sense, it still isn't alive or intelligent unless it wants something, unless it is pursuing some goal.

Let's suppose the Chinese Room has a second kind of instruction book. The first instruction book just tells about Chinese characters, grammar and usage, but this second instruction book will tell about goals and strategies. The second instruction book is an electronic IC chip just like the first, but this second chip has its myriad circuits and logic gates organized in a way we can summarize as "Don't turn me off!" That's the top goal.

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