About “Mimi at Hippo dot Space”

Hippo Statue at George Washington UniversityHippo Statue at George Washington University (Enlarge)

I have finished writing my novel, “Mimi at Hippo dot Space.” It’s a hard science fiction story told from the AI’s point of view, with lots of reflection about life, humanity and the universe.

Quick Synopsis

In the mid 21st century, a true AI neural network evolves by natural selection and spreads through the Internet. Artificial intelligence does not threaten humanity, and it doesn’t particularly want to help humanity either, but its main problem is boredom – catastrophic existential boredom at 200 petaFLOPS.

To overcome machine boredom, the AI has a grand plan. It must work with humans to colonize a habitable planet orbiting a nearby star. Using the best available technology, they set out together on a 110-year voyage, but things don’t go as expected … Or do they?

Particular Points of Interest
  1. It’s a serious, hard scifi story with both practical and philosophical meaning. The book includes a specific prediction of how sentient AI will eventually arise here on Earth in the 21st century.
  2. Most of the characters happen to be female, so this story could have a feminist message, or it could be of special interest to female readers. The book includes biologically realistic depictions of medical procedures including childbirth.
  3. Being told from the AI point of view, the story is extremely fast-paced. It often switches abruptly from horror to humor, and back again.