About John

Self-portrait in a mirrored pillar - Akasaka, June 2013Self-portrait in a mirrored pillar – Akasaka, June 2013 (Enlarge)

My real name is John Moore and I make this blog. I’m a U.S. citizen, but I’ve been living in Japan for the past 25 years or so. Before that I lived in Europe for about 10 years. Amazingly enough, I speak four languages fluently.

Please judge the ideas on their own merits. Don’t worry about my degrees, titles, awards, publications or other credentials.

I’ve written a science fiction novel called “Mimi at Hippo dot Space,” which I’m now trying to submit for publication. If you’re interested in my writing career, I’ll post newsy announcements here.

If you really need to see what I look like, take the photo at right and stretch it out horizontally using PhotoShop or something. I look fat because of the mirror distortion – and also because I’m fat. But I’m also 7 feet tall, so that’s proportional. OK, just joking – I’m not quite 7 feet tall. I just feel like a giant compared to the average Japanese person (also pictured, with briefcase).