Smart Girl Character Makes Jurassic Park Movie Better than the Book

January 16, 2014

Everybody’s seen the movie “Jurassic Park,” right? A bunch of people must have also read the book by Michael Crichton, so you know the movie follows the book very closely. Except there’s one big change, and it’s such a good change that it really makes the movie better than the book. I’m talking about the girl character Alexis.

Giraffe wearing a crown near Tokyo Station - Sept. 22, 2013

Giraffe wearing a crown near Tokyo Station – Sept. 22, 2013 (Enlarge)

In the original book, Lex is just an immature, annoying brat the whole time. She never develops as a character – through all the danger and adventure she never gets any wiser or more reasonable. Here are just a few examples of her lines from the book:

In making his film adaptation, Stephen Spielberg must have had a great insight because he made the Lex character smart, inquisitive and practical-minded. She’s way more likeable and realistic. Here are a few of her lines from the movie:

People make fun of her for the Unix line, of course, but that’s way better than how she is in the book.

It’s true her character is older in the movie than the book, but age shouldn’t have much to do with it. A kid can be curious and practical-minded at any age. And it’s certainly possible for a girl character to be smart and practical too. Three cheers for smart girl characters! I’m biased, of course, because my own yet-to-be-published novel features a smart 12-year-old girl character.